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Working With The Lunar Cycles To Create Powerful Results In Your Life. Plus, The Major Mistakes To Avoid That Block So Many From Fully Reaping The Rewards…

When we want to create, attract or manifest something (or someone) into our lives, did you know there are ways of working WITH the lunar energies to create powerful results?

Today I’m going to talk more about how we can use the Moon’s cycles as a “booster” to amplify our results, and importantly, what KIND of manifestation work to do at what time in the Moon’s path.

Because there’s a definite approach that benefits your results massively. Using this process “wrong” often creates delays, frustrations and blocks…

Astrology, History – Why Should You Even Care About The Moon And Its Cycles?

Of course, I can’t provide every detail in this one article, but over the next few months I’ll shed light on further parts of this process.

But today, before I share 5 Key Hows For Manifesting Using The Moon’s Cycles, let’s talk about some basics.

Why should you care about the Moon and its cycles? How does this even work? Isn’t it just superstition?


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Well, although Western Science in modern times has dismissed the scientific merits of astrology,  it is an ancient form of gaining information from the universe, time important events, and it was for millennia considered a genuine “science”.

To me, it’s all about whether it works for you and resonates with you or not – and  there are huge benefits to be gained.

In addition, it makes logical sense from a scientific standpoint, even if no one has scientifically proven that it works (yet).

Since the dawn of time, people have observed how the Moon controls the tides on earth, that an outside planetary force shifts the tides in and out. The human body is largely composed of water… So the Moon and its cycles impact us profoundly.

Everything Is Energy, Everything Is In Flux, And We Are Affected…

And although astrology is considered unproven, it IS scientific fact that we live in a universe of energy in motion. You can Google this for more info if you want. The scientific fact is that we humans are not solid, but atoms vibrating at particular frequencies. And all the planets in our solar system, earth included, are ALSO atoms vibrating at particular frequencies. This is also a scientific fact.

And each planet has a unique energetic frequency and gravitational field. So when the planets move in their orbits around the sun, their impact on each other and earth shifts!

To the logical mind, there’s little doubt that the planetary movements impact us here on earth.

In this way, we can gain benefits from working WITH these “cosmic energies” to flow our manifestations and creations more smoothly into reality. And we can use them to boost our own lives, wellbeing, happiness, relationships and more.

So over the coming months I’ll be sharing a number of clear, easy to understand resources on how to use the Moon’s cycles, placements and more to benefit you – and common issues to avoid. Once you have this info, it’ll be like you have a superpower compared to “regular” people operating without it!

5 Foundational Keys To Manifesting With The Moon:

#1) Use the New Moon to set intentions and plant seeds of desires, set new goals

The new moon is the “restart” part of the lunar cycle. When the moon is the least lit up. In spiritual terms, we sow seeds of new creations in the “dark”. This is when matter is the most fertile.

So each New Moon, it’s powerful to have a ritual where you write down your desires and intentions for the coming 28 day period. A common way to write it is: “I now invite in, to the highest good, the following:” with your desires. Then end with “this or something better, and so it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

You don’t need crystals, herbs, special items or anything except yourself and your intentions to do this. As a soul, your intentions are immensely powerful. The outer items are used to focus your intentions, so are completely optional!

Now here’s the crucial step SO MANY miss out on. As you write your intentions, pay attention to where you may have SKEPTICISM, DISBELIEF, DISAPPOINTMENT and other NEGATIVITY triggering! Because these are your blocks.

#2) The Moon doesn’t do the work FOR you, it flows WITH you

Now here’s something many people misunderstand. This isn’t magic, in the sense that we pray to the Moon and it zaps into our lives all of our wishes come to fruition. No, the Moon is like a battery, a spiritual energetic amplifier.

It flows WITH our desires and builds the energy WITH us. So it will help us amplify our results.

So during the 28 days and more following your intention setting, you will notice a few things begin to happen:

i) You may feel inspired, excited about your goals, receive ideas for solutions and steps to take

ii) You may be guided to take those actions – that’s always a necessary part of the process, so when inspired, act on it!

iii) Again, you may notice blocks and heaviness coming up. Now this is where most people miss the biggest power of manifesting with the moon. Because when heaviness and blocks rise up, they are being shown to you so you can clear them. See it like this. You write your desires and invite them in with the help of the moon.


Next, the energies show you what’s been blocking those desires. And when that happens, it’s imperative to clear those blocks. We can’t just hope they will go away – if we want those intentions to come to fruition. (I take you through it for free here)

#3) The Moon “wants” to show up your deepest desires, your heart’s truth

In order to fully manifest with the Moon’s cycles, we often have to reconsider our approach. Because the Moon’s power is to illuminate our heart’s true desires.

The universe is always flowing to create balance and harmony, even if it means breaking what is out of harmony. So when we work with the Moon it will often show up the very things we have been keeping hidden from ourselves.

Because in cosmic terms, what would be the point in us gaining desires that didn’t truly fulfill us or weren’t in alignment with our truth.

So pay attention as you go along with this process – are you REALLY being HONEST about what you’re working to manifest?

The longer you work with the Moon’s energies the more it will begin to steer you in the direction not only of manifesting, reaching goals and gaining desires – but it will push you to refine those goals and desires. To awaken in you, your soul’s truth. To realign you with your divine path. Not the human ego ideas of what we “should” want.

#4) Dreams and emotions are key when we work with the Moon

Because the moon resonates and flows with the element of water – the ruler of emotion, in astrology – it affects us in unconscious ways.

So when we work with the Moon it’s highly common to experience our dreams intensifying, to feel unconscious emotions rising to the surface – good or bad.

Do your best to take a neutral perspective, and whatever comes up ask yourself, what is this trying to tell me? How could this relate to my manifestations? Is it a block? A secret desire? Something or someone you’d given up on, that the Moon is working to get you to invite in – because it will be truly deeply happy for you?

#5) The Full Moon is a time of reaping, a completion phase

This is the time when the seeds and intentions you “sowed” at the New Moon have grown to completion somehow. So at the Full Moon, it is highly auspicious to check in with what has developed in the last 28 days.

Whether or not your desires have come to fruition, it can be wonderful to thank the moon for “her” collaboration – because in spiritual truth “she” is always helping you.

It’s just a matter of how open and aligned you are on your part. “She” will keep flowing with your desires until you are able to receive, and there is no rush for the moon.

During the Full Moon, energy is running high. Emotions reach a level of intensity and our general state of mind and being is amplified. This means, you can feel awful or amazing at the time of the Full Moon. It mostly depends on what state YOU are in.

So during Full Moons it can be very helpful to have a ritual of releasing negativity that may be surfacing, and allowing the positive amplification to fill you and lift you with positive energy.

One common way of releasing, is to write out all the heaviness and negativity you’re feeling on a piece of paper, and burning it or tearing it up.

This is an ancient way of working with the Moon’s energies. However, after almost a decade of working with spiritual methods and energy clearing – I have to say nothing rivals the power and fast shifts we gain from energy work! We bypass the time, processing and hard effort.

This is something I’ve seen with thousands of others too. Have a look here.

To get some help with the release process and learn the most powerful energy methods I’ve discovered, get my Free Heart Activation Energy Healing Session here.

Amplification Of Your Power And Process

Again, when working with the moon, use “her” amplification to lift you and your desires higher.

And when “she” brings negativity to the surface, make sure you clear and release it – because if you just let it be, it will be deflecting you from actually receiving those manifestations you want to invite in!

So if you have been working on manifesting something that just isn’t showing up, there is a block in the way.

Whenever we DON’T receive our desires, there is a block, or a misalignment. So pay attention to this!

Don’t try to use wishful thinking that it will work anyway if you’ve struggled with the same point over and over.

If you’ve been struggling, it’s time to start clearing and recalibrating your frequency – so you’re actually a match with RECEIVING that desire. To begin clearing and uplifting your energy, go here.

Do this work now, and notice how things begin to shift for the better. Keep your intention list, and notice that by the next Lunar cycle, things will have showed up in the physical to a higher degree.

In the next article we’ll be talking about how to use the Moon’s placements – which sign it’s in – for increased wellbeing, success, love and flow in your life.

Later, we’ll discuss how to use Eclipses to massively uplevel your state and superpower your creation! Can’t wait to share more.

Until then, I’m sending you love and light for your journey! <3


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