Cosmic Update: Healing, Love And Self – Who Made You Feel “Not Good Enough”?

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Spotlight On Our Inner State. What Shadows Are Calling Out For Your Attention? The Power Of Love To Transmute Fear Into Light…

You may know that as well as writing books, I’m an intuitive astrologer passionate about using the info we can get from the universal currents, to improve our lives and live our highest path.

Chiron – “The Wounded Healer”

This weekend we have a highly significant event happening that I wanted to keep you informed about.

On my own journey, knowing about the astrological energies helped me uplift from being dragged around by circumstance and into flow and well-being.

Because when you know what’s REALLY happening, what the deeper lessons are, we become able to navigate through life with more joy and ease.

We don’t get stuck in repeated cycles of challenge. We activate our highest path.

We, The Generation Of Self-Healers

So until April we have a powerful and rare conjunction between the Sun and Venus – and they travel together past Chiron, symbolizing the “wounded healer”

Chiron tends to trigger old wounds to come to the surface so we can heal them, and this transit has to do with love and identity.

So key themes this whole weekend are: Who made you feel “not good enough”? What old situations may be “stuck” in your system making you feel that there’s something “wrong” with you?





The Universe’s Truth For You

This period be aware dreams and “old feelings” may show up to alert you to the baggage that’s stuck in your system holding you back from living happily.

Likely, it’s about love and relationships in particular.

The purpose is, to clear away the filters of perception that have kept us from knowing how loved we are by the universe and others – and that have kept us from RECEIVING and EXPERIENCING that support.

Because you ARE good enough! In fact, you are the way you naturally are for a reason. And you are ALWAYS loved – but you may have been blocked from perceiving it. For more on this, watch my free Facebook live session here.

Full Moon In Libra – Relationship Cycle Release

Sunday we have a powerful Full Moon in Libra happening with Venus conjunct Chiron.

It means this weekend is likely to bring up old wounds in love and with others (friends, society, parents, family and partners)…

To make the most of this time and flow with the universal energies, I would highly recommend using the Free Heart Activation Session I offer on this site, or Opening To Universal Love and Support.

This will take you painlessly through releasing any of those old experiences of hurt or rejection or disappointment, and open to a brand new chapter of light and feeling more loved and supported on your journey.

Remember you are ALWAYS enough. And you are here for a reason!

The universe is always trying to show you this – but your system may have blocked you from it.

Open up again now, and you’ll shift your path into a higher state for the long run.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

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I'm Cassady! Intuitive coach, astrologer and bestselling spiritual author. I'm passionate about sharing the secrets of energy and the universe, to help awaken your highest potential and live YOUR best life YOUR way!

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