Cosmic Update: Aries Season! Ready To Shine?

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Stepping Into Your Brightest, Boldest Self. Venus/Sun Combo Boost Your Beauty, Authentic Purpose And Lend You “Extra Superpower” These Next Few Weeks!

You may know that as well as writing books, I’m an intuitive astrologer passionate about using the info we can get from the universal currents, to improve our lives and live our highest path.

This weekend we’re officially starting Aries season! Time of rebirth, new beginnings – the astrological new year!

Aries season is a time to go boldly for your desires, be yourself unapologetically, and reach for your dreams!


Your Superpower On High – Beauty, Brightness Boosted!

The Sun and Venus travel together, which brings out your magnetism and your light!

Your authentic truth and path are in focus, and it’s a time to listen more to your own inner “compass” than others and what the regular world deems right for you.

Find out more about your true soul purpose and your authentic life’s path (your “destiny”) with this session.


Aries Says: Authenticity Is Key

So many of us get pulled off track by (well-meaning) others, and in essence end up living a life created for us by other people or society…

Well, in Aries season, it’s time to reignite your fiery authenticity.

No matter what, it’s never too late to live boldly and shine your unique light!

It’s never too late to contribute to a beautiful world by approaching your path from a true inner love of yourself and all of creation.

If you feel you’ve gotten off track, I help you get back to your inner light here in the Soul Code Activation Session


You really are here for a reason. You are your unique self for a very special purpose only you can fulfill!


What Your Intuition Is Trying To Say

I know that being ourselves isn’t always easy in a world full of messages to conform.


But I also know that our souls don’t ever fully feel at rest… Unless we listen to that inner voice that is trying to tell us how special life can be once we open to our true purpose and fulfillment.

Unless we live OUR truth, OUR bliss. Unless we listen to OUR heart. OUR authenticity.

And that’s something no one else can do FOR you.
As an Aries, this week I’m telling you no matter what sign you are: Be brave, be bold, be be-YOU-tiful!

I believe in you!

As always, I’m sending you love and light

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Hey There

I'm Cassady! Intuitive coach, astrologer and bestselling spiritual author. I'm passionate about sharing the secrets of energy and the universe, to help awaken your highest potential and live YOUR best life YOUR way!

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