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Cosmic Match – A Guide To Astro-Compatibility. What Sign Flows Well With Yours And Why? Who Would Your Ideal Partner Be?


I get asked all the time about love and relationships, and a subject many are interested in, is compatibility. Which signs are most compatible with whom? Is there such a thing as a cosmic mis-match?

So today I’m sharing some info on that, as a veteran intuitive astrologer with 10 years of work in the field.

Before we get started, a short “astrology 101”. Because I know there is a lot of skepticism toward the subject. Well, astrology used to be considered a science for millennia but modern science has tended to discredit it.

However, to understand the true value of astrology and why it can be immensely powerful, consider this: Our universe is one of energy in motion. That’s a fact verified by modern science.

Each planet in our solar system has a gravitational field, a frequency it emits. So it stands to reason that these planets’ motion affects us.

Especially when we consider that the Moon “steers” the tides in and out on planet earth, and the human body is made up of an estimated 70% water – you can see how we are not un-affected by our “cosmic environment”. Just like our earthly environment impacts us to a high extent.

So with this in mind, each Zodiac sign tends to have a “signature vibration” or themes. And that’s where we look into compatibility. Who flows with you? Who opposes you or feels very different than you?

And now, here are 3 “cosmic matches” for each sign. In general, sharing the same element is a good indication of compatibility… But sometimes there’s a connection beyond what seems logical!

Have you dated any of “your matched signs” below? What were your experiences?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This is about sun signs/dominants and is meant mostly for fun – if it doesn’t resonate,  please don’t be upset. We all have a complex birth chart and so does our (prospective) partner. In astrology terms these are some LIKELY fits. I hope you enjoy this fun type of article and see some amusing synchronicities with your own experiences!

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Discover Your Cosmic “Match Made In Heaven”



1 Sagittarius – You tend to be drawn to each other like moths to a shared flame. You’re both passionate, adventurous and just different enough that you don’t drive each other completely crazy!
2 Gemini – You share an unspoken mutual understanding, and are drawn to each other without words. You “get” each other, deep down. Neither of you can stand boredom and both are always eager to experience something new. You’ll share a life of excitement!
3 Aquarius – You seem to gravitate toward each other in a mysteriously unconscious way. Maybe it’s because they love to break boundaries just like you do, maybe it’s your shared desire to experience life to the fullest… You make a great couple for the long run, balancing each other in just the right ways.



1 Cancer – You’re both lovers of comfort, art and beauty, enjoying food and the finer things in life. You share similar values deep down and you sense this in each other, like destiny hand picked you to be a couple. Family dinners at your house will be legendary!
2 Virgo – You’re both determined, grounded (and quite stubborn!). You share similar values and interests and are drawn to each other due to an unspoken shared bond – when you meet, you likely feel like you already know each other on some level.
3 Libra – You complement each other in wonderful ways, and share a deeper love of the finer things in life, harmony, elegance and beauty. You may have to debate the level of stay at home nights on the sofa vs. parties, but you’re sure to have a stunning wedding together!



1 Aries – This is a BFF love relationship that never gets old! The two of you are so daring and outspoken your home will be full of laughter and loud discussions (and romance will stay sizzling for the long run)
2 Sagittarius – In some ways you’re opposites, but you share so many similarities too! Excitement will never be lacking between you, and you both love a sense of freedom – so when you choose each other, it’s for the long run.
3 Libra – You’ll likely idolize them, and there’s an unspoken pull between you. Libra brings out the most refined, heightened version of you both and they make you feel like life is a beautiful fairytale. You’ll always strive to be at your best with them.



1 Taurus – You share similar values, from home comforts to family and friendship. When you’re in it, it’s for the long run. You’ll share cozy nights at home on the couch, lazy Sundays in bed and dreaming up the perfect children’s names together.
2 Capricorn – They’re magnetically attractive to you on an unconscious level. Maybe it’s their determination, maybe it’s how solid they feel in your world of watery emotions… Somehow, you’re drawn into their embrace and neither want to let go.
3 Cancer – Your own sign is a common and good match for you, as you implicitly understand each other and share the same values. With Cancer times two, love is dreamy and affectionate, and family is everything.



1 Libra – You’ll rule as king and queen together (or king and king, queen and queen). They’re a worthy partner to your grand vision of love. You both seek a heightened version of life and love to live big. Versailles, next?
2 Taurus – They love the finer things in life, just like you. Being a calmer counterpart to your fire, you share values but also have contrast. Once you two settle down, it’s likely to last for life – you don’t change your minds easily.
3 Pisces – You share a soul affinity for expression, music, art and reaching beyond the mundane. They’ll bring a sense of magic to your life and evoke your true spirit – you may feel you’re living in a dream together, but isn’t that heavenly?



1 Capricorn – They share your sense of ambition and the “fun” in hard work and dedication. Together you share a unique world and approach to living. Hashtag #powercouple
2 Cancer – They are inexplicably irresistible to you. Maybe it’s because they actually CARE as much as you about the world, projects, work… They get you. You don’t have to explain yourself, and they’ll shower you with affection even on those days you’re being really hard on yourself
3 Taurus – Sharing the same element, you easily get along and have a similar focus in life. You won’t live “loudly” but your love will be deep and special.



1 Libra – Some signs don’t get along well with their own kind. Not you, Libra! A double Libra couple are a match made in heaven. You both love the elegant life, harmony, beauty. You’ll share a stunning home and bond over beauty, decor or wedding planning
2 Leo – They’ll sweep you off your feet! Life will never be boring with Leo. There’s luxury travel, elegance and parties in your future. They’ll love to pamper you!
3 Gemini – They just get you. You don’t have to discuss it, you don’t have to overly explain yourself. Gemini is on your wavelength and somehow they seem to really hear you even if they don’t listen much to others. There’s a bond of trust based in mutual understanding between you.



1 Aries – You’re both passionate, intense and sometimes explosive. You’re drawn to each other like magnets, and this connection can be life changing. There’s an irresistible urge to be close, and if you let them in they’ll keep you fired up for the long run. Warn the neighbors, there may be some noise from the bedroom!
2 Aquarius – They share your conviction in life. Many signs aren’t able to meet you in your true depths, Scorpio, but Aquarius has the capacity to really go there. You share a mutual unspoken understanding. Being the less emotional type, they will also help you detach from your brooding moods and open up a bit.
3 Taurus – This may seem like an odd match, but you balance each other in a deep way. You implicitly feel you can trust each other, and the bond goes deep. You’re both old souls looking for a home in this world. Trust and healing happens without having to say a word.



1 Aries – This is a BFF kind of love relationship! You’re heaven’s perfect playmates and instinctively understand each other. You’re made for each other deep down, just watch out for intensity – channel it into romance and you’ll do great.
2 Gemini – Prepare for 100/100 passion, fun and exploration! Together, you may travel the world, learn new languages, move across the planet, start new ventures… Nothing is off limits! You fire each other up in a palpable way and it’ll make every day an adventure.
3 Aquarius – You both love to go “out there”, way out there. Together, you could explore the mysteries of the universe, secret history, launch rockets into space… You take the journey beyond the normal together and life will never be mundane around you.



1 Capricorn – You’re one of the other rare signs that get along really well with your own kind, Capricorn! #powercouple alert! You’re in it to win it, and so are they. Building a future together will be serious business but you’ll love it!
2 Virgo – You share an unspoken mutual understanding, and both value dedication, commitment and perfection. You’ll support each other to excel, and back each other up. You’ll be your best together, and you’ll make sure your marriage is perfection embodied.
3 Cancer – You’re drawn to each other like magnets, even if neither of you can explain it. You balance each other out in miraculous ways and they pull you in irresistibly without even trying. You can’t resist their soft innocence, and once they pull you into their embrace you won’t want to let go.



1 Aries – Finally someone who actually gets you! They’re passionate, intense, willing to take risks – and they find you fascinating. You’ll stoke their fire and they’ll keep you burning. Neither of you will get bored, even in the long run.
2 Aquarius – You two are a match made in heaven. You don’t have to explain yourselves to each other, you’re on the same page. You share the same values. A solid and easy flowing base at home, means you’re optimally placed to pursue your dreams, together or as individuals.
3 Sagittarius – They’re like your long lost friend, you somehow feel you’ve known each other forever even if you just met. You’re destined partners in some way, as friends or lovers. Things will never be boring at home with you two.



1 Libra – They can be dreamy and romantic just like you, and you feel like you can be yourself around them. They understand your deeper values and they see you for who you really are. You’ll feel safe with them, and build a beautiful ethereal home and visions for the future together.
2 Leo – You are both artists at heart, no matter what your actual careers. You share a beautiful understanding that life is creation, and you love to build your dream together. You’ll share a home full of music, art and compassion.
3 Taurus – They’ll ground you, keep you safe and comforted when you need it. You flow easily together, with art, music, beauty, perfume and all the otherworldly elements of a dreamer’s life. With a heart of gold, they’ll be the good you’ve been searching for in the world.

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